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Órgiva Studio 57

la tortuga parrot and friends

A gallery of woodturning, copper sculpture and other work. Some items more functional, some more fanciful. Made mostly from local hardwoods like olive or chestnut, polished copper, and sometimes other materials such as coconut shell, pebbles, glassware and electrical fittings. Send me a message (see contact form at foot of page) call me on 609 331 983 with any comments or questions, and I'll get back to you asap.

Andy trained and worked as an electrical engineer before moving to Órgiva, and his skills in soldering and copperwork derive to some extent from there. The woodturning lathe is a more recent aquisition, and brings out the varied grain patterns of the woods used, olive being perhaps the most striking.

Picture galleries:

Boxes with lids

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If you're interested in any of the items shown, please email me at or call/text/whatsapp me on (+34 for Spain) 609 331 983. Thanks!